‘A Belly-Full of Only Rain’

Exhibition, 2011

Hannah Maclure Centre, Dundee

The mixed media installation Transition aims to stimulate thoughts about the future of the underground streams in Dundee and their value to the community. It presents an idea in which people from different sectors work together to restore a hidden water source to its natural open condition. The work is featured in a joint exhibition by artist Fanny Lam Christie collaborating with poet Dawn Wood.

In Dundee, below the Dichty Water – the ‘back bone’ of Dundee’s watercourses – the main streams in the city such as Gelly Burn, Dens Burn, Scouring Burn and Lochee Burn have been covered as a result of past industrial activities. The water from most of these burns was diverted long ago with lades and sluice gates to provide a water source for the steam engines and cooling plants of the textile and jute mills. The mills are now all gone but the streams remain beneath the city structure. How much do residents appreciate these burns, the part they have played in the history of the city and what part they may play in its future?