Fanny Lam Christie is a visual artist and sculptor born in Hong Kong and based in Perthshire since 1998. She trained in Edinburgh College of Art in sculpture and received her BA(Hons) in 2004.

Christie has established her practice through exhibitions, public art and site-specific work. She works in bronze while she uses a wide range of materials for installations in association with particular context. She casts and finishes the majority of her bronze work herself in an artist foundry. Her recent work involves combining glass and wood to form new expression, developing her own technique in fusing bronze with molten glass.

Christie's studio is located within a woodland, where she was inspired to initiate the Heartwood sculpture events in 2008 and continues to make and show site-specific work with the Heartwood Artists. Five woodland trails were held in Perthshire and three Heartwood exhibitions were held in Fife, Stirling and Edinburgh. Her work is a process of understanding the context and ecology of place.

Christie's work explores our relationship with nature. Her artworks express the emotional response to, as well as ecological and sustainability concerns of the natural world. Earlier work has explored the adverse force of nature such as the effect of flooding, storms and unstable seasonal cycles. Her sculpture Storm 2006 received the N. S. MacFarlane Charitable Trust Award, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh. Her works encourage us to re-connect with nature.

In her public art practice, Christie won the Grassroots Public Art Commission in West Lothian in 2010 to regenerate a community space. She transformed a neglected backyard into a creative green space featuring three sculptures to reflect the distinctive local heritage of Armadale. She won the Blairgowrie Community Campus Public Art Commission in 2012. She created two large artworks for the campus, one of which involved participation by over 400 pupils, parents and staff of two schools.

In 2014, Christie was commissioned to create Endangered Species by the Perth Museum and Art Gallery for the Creative Scotland Place Partnership Award, which included mentoring two art students in bronze casting.

Christie was appointed artist-in-resident for a year-long research project at the Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling in 2014/2015. Her ‘Aquacultural Encounters’ exhibition in 2015 at University of Stirling received the Creative Scotland Open Project Award.


`Salmon Sculptures Inspired by Research: Building on this idea of creating a synergy, she has combined two very different sculptural materials, bogwood and bronze to create sculptural forms’ – Perthshire Advertiser, 11 Dec 2015

`New Public Art Unveiled at Blairgowrie Community Campus: Head teacher of St Stephen’s Primary School, Elizabeth Douglas, welcomed members of the community for the unveiling and said, "A community arts project has always been part of the plan for the development of the campus and we are absolutely delighted Fanny has created such a fantastic piece of work. We would like to thank her for all the hard work, commitment, drive and dedication she has shown this project.” ’ – Blairgowrie Advertiser, 15 Nov 2012

‘Gallery to Show Off Work by Award-winning Artist: Mrs Christie based her work on concerns over global warming and climate change. She hopes that through her artwork, she can encourage observers to be more concerned about environmental issues’ – The Press and Journal, 14 Sept 2007

‘Artist Shapes up with Award for Sculpture: Fanny Lam Christie from Hong Kong, a graduate of Edinburgh College of Art, won the NS Macfarlane Charitable Trust award for Storm, a bronze cast of an uprooted tree made from old industrial metal’ – The Scotsman, 28 Apr 2006

‘The artist believes industrial progress and city life have alienated us from nature, and her work encourage viewers to think about re-establishing a connection and respect for nature’ – Musselburgh News, 25 Aug 2006

`A calming solo exhibition by well-known international artist Fanny Lam Christie launches the Eskmills office complex’s new art gallery space` – East Lothian Courier, 25 Aug 2006